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Specializing in commissioned portraits of sporting dogs, pets, horses, and people in oil, watercolor acrylic and graphite.

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"Chris Chantland is an extraordinary realist, but his work captures much more than an image, an animal or individual.  He brings the very essence, the soul of his subjects onto canvas.   His work rivals the very best in portrait painting today."

- Catherine Crier

Facebook Updates:
The first painting I did for the National Amateur Retriever Championship - a watercolor of Jim Powers and Ram.

April 17th 2014, 14:50

Another watercolor - of Sophie.

April 16th 2014, 20:17

On to two new watercolors. Watercolor has always been my first love and I plan on doing more of them. This is one from a couple years ago. I've posted it before, but the credit for the photo I used for reference goes to Julie Bailey, who takes great photos. This is Slider. I painted the water in this way so the painting would subliminally live up to his name.

April 16th 2014, 13:47

An old watercolor I did around my high school era when I was learning to paint with watercolor. It still sits in my studio. One of those practice paintings.

April 15th 2014, 23:48

Global warming from the studio this morning.

April 15th 2014, 13:38

Monday is almost over. Be happy.

April 15th 2014, 00:08

My graphite is almost done. I may still need to make it richer later. On to two new watercolors.

April 14th 2014, 15:26

Just added to SportingArtisans is this great wood carved mantle that was commissioned of Larry Lefner, whose work is now coming onto the site. Still loading more. http://www.sportingartisans.com/sculptures-ceramics/hood-ornaments/sporting-art-flying-ducks-mantle-wood-carving-wildlife-art.php#sthash.kiq555lp.dpbs

Flying Ducks Mantle Wood Carving by Larry Lefner - Carver | Hood Ornaments >> Sculptures &...
April 11th 2014, 18:21

Progress on the graphite - more to do - not done yet.

April 10th 2014, 22:49

This hood ornament just went on my web site and I swear they used our youngest dog as a model.

April 10th 2014, 15:15

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