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Specializing in commissioned portraits of sporting dogs, pets, horses, and people in oil, watercolor acrylic and graphite.

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"Chris Chantland is an extraordinary realist, but his work captures much more than an image, an animal or individual.  He brings the very essence, the soul of his subjects onto canvas.   His work rivals the very best in portrait painting today."

- Catherine Crier

Facebook Updates:
The latest progress on the new oil of "Yaba". I am told I was on the right track. Sometimes I get too close to these and second guess myself. But should be done in a couple days with this.

February 27th 2015, 21:04

I'm perplexed at the commotion this is causing. The dress is cobalt blue and a dirty gold. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2015/02/27/what-your-brain-really-sees-when-it-looks-at-dress-neuroscientist-explains/

What your brain really sees when it looks at 'the dress': A neuroscientist explains
It's the question on everyone's lips - just what color is that dress?
February 27th 2015, 20:43

Working on the latest painting and will post soon. It's a tough one this time. Why is Advantage Camo so hard to duplicate?
February 27th 2015, 15:11

It's frustrating when I find new music that means I have to end up getting every album the person or group ever made. It just means more $ for CD's. But if you've never driven south from Cordelle to Valdosta with the Allman Brothers band, you've never lived.

February 27th 2015, 02:57

With all the hype, I wonder if I should call this graphite "50 shades of Gray." Never could figure out a good name for it.

February 24th 2015, 23:42

Thanks to Ken and Brenda for allowing me to paint Windy for the Retriever Hall of Fame. Congrats!

February 11th 2015, 14:39


Ken Neil

Windy was inducted into the Retriever Hall of Fame this weekend. Alan Pleasant, Brenda and I were together with Windy during her induction and her entire field trial career. Windy made us all look good for almost 13 years! We miss her loving smile every day.....
February 10th 2015, 23:09

A watercolor of Beast. Beast of Borderline or more precisely I believe: Borderline's Lista. She was the first dog I painted after having not painted for a few years. Beast helped me get back into painting. Her offspring have kept me quite busy painting.

February 6th 2015, 22:27

Pretty excited - I now have my friend Sally at McHale Koepke Communications taking over all my web and marketing functions. Already out of the gate I have someone "sympatico" helping me make some great decisions - one being the bigger focus on my artwork. http://mchalekoepke.com/

McHale & Koepke Communications
As a full-service B2B communications company, we can make marketing easy, efficient, and effective. Not to mention strategic, creative, and affordable.
February 6th 2015, 22:06

This is pretty amazing.

One of the prettiest scenes we've ever seen: A flock of starlings form spectacular flyover in Israel's sky (Video: Reuters)
February 4th 2015, 21:05

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